E. Puchnarewicz, Inny Egipt - walory ekokulturowe kraju poza obszarami turystyki masowej, w: E. Puchnarewicz (red.), „Wielokulturowość w turystyce”, Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Języków Obcych, Wyd. Libron, Kraków 2010, s. 237-259.


The author considers the development of the eco-cultural tourism in the area less known by foreign visitors. She describes semi traditional local societies and their expectations connected with tourism development and shows many new actions of regional and state authorities, as well as NGO’s sustainable work for revitalization of the long-forgotten local crafts and involving new income generat-ing possibilities. An analysis has revealed that bedouins living in the raw nature surroundings are very satisfed with providing small eco-lodges and other services for tourists. The “discovery” and proper marketing of the new natural and cultural attractions brings tourist to marvellous unknown places, rises income to local people and rises consciousness of their importance and gives them self-identity based on tradition.