In: Turystyka i Rekreacja. Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Języków Obcych w Warszawie, 2008, nr, 1(1), ss. 7-21. (Tourism and Recreation. The Higher School of Tourism and Languages

in Warsaw, 2008, 1(1), pp. 7-21).


Abstract. The author considers the mechanisms of global choices in tourist investments and the role of local societies as an active participant in this processes. Giving examples from Africa, Latin America and Asia, she explores the abilities of involvement the native societies into the tourist business through delivering food, small eco-tourist infrastructure, and showing their traditional culture in a large anthropogenic sense. The author characterizes the role of NGOs on local development of tourism, than she emphasis the role of tourist visits as one of important strength of cultural transfer. She shows the difference between mass and individual tourists in contact with local people. The author in a little skeptical if intensively developed “tourism industry” brings only the advantages; it may also deepen the gap in the sense of consumption level and to destroy the traditional world of the norms and customs.

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